AI-as-a-Service Marketplace

Model Verse is a secure, efficient, open network providing access to a wide array of AI models from a network of credible AI Model operators.

Our open models are loved by users!

AI Models, On Demand!

Censorship-resistant AI

Having multiple decentralised sources for the same AI model makes the network resistant to censorship.

Testnet Nodes


Upto 100 free tokens per day on Testnet!

Developers can use the service for free during testing, and pay when you use it for production.

Earn $MDVR

Set up a node with your chosen model on our marketplace to earn $MDVR tokens.

Increase your earnings by expanding to a multi-node operation as you build credibility.

A new Approach to AI distribution

Facing rising government regulations on AI, a censorship-resistant platform for deploying and using AI models is essential. We aim to build this future with ModelVerse.


What is the Platform?

ModelVerse is a decentralized platform created to support the deployment and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) models, designed with several key features:

  1. Decentralized Marketplace: At its core, ModelVerse operates as a marketplace. Here, individuals or entities known as node operators can deploy AI models, making them available for others to use. This approach aims to distribute the control and usage of AI technologies away from central authorities, ensuring broader access and innovation.
  2. Hosting AI Nodes: Node operators are individuals or entities that host AI nodes—servers or computational resources—on the platform. These nodes run the AI models, contributing to the platform’s overall ability to offer a diverse range of AI solutions.
  3. Earning Compensation: As an incentive for contributing computational resources, node operators receive compensation in the form of $MDVR tokens, the platform’s own cryptocurrency. This reward mechanism encourages more participants to host AI nodes, enriching the platform's AI capabilities.
  4. Scalability for Node Operators: There’s an opportunity for node operators to expand their operations by hosting multiple nodes. The scalability potential is closely tied to the credibility each operator builds within ModelVerse. Essentially, more trustworthy operators can grow their operations, leveraging the platform's trust-based ecosystem.
  5. Cost-effective Scaling for Developers: Developers, who wish to incorporate AI models into their applications, stand to benefit from ModelVerse’s scalable architecture. As the demand for their applications increases, developers can seamlessly scale their AI model usage without facing prohibitive costs. This feature makes it economically viable for applications to grow their AI capabilities in line with user demand.
  6. Response to Regulations: ModelVerse is strategically positioned as an alternative to traditional, centralized AI deployment methods, which are increasingly subject to stringent regulations. By offering a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform, ModelVerse ensures that developers and users can freely access and deploy AI models, fostering an environment of unrestricted innovation in the AI space.

In essence, ModelVerse is designed to democratize the deployment and use of AI models, incentivizing participation through cryptocurrency rewards, and providing scalable, cost-effective solutions for both node operators and developers, all within a framework that champions freedom from regulatory constraints.

What is included in the Platform?

Currently, we support a wide range of open-source models from "" Developers have the option to request the deployment of custom models in the future.

Why can't I start my own AI node istead?

Operating a node in your jurisdiction may pose regulatory risks depending on local laws. With Modelverse, you can effortlessly scale your workloads without the hassle of maintenance or deployment.

Can I get help with setting up a node?

Please join our telegram channel to get help @modeverse_xyz